l'aziendala tecnicail prodottole immaginii contatti                      

Using granulation in the development of gold handicrafts yields a product of unquestionable beauty and quality. Detailing any piece of gold using tiny gold microspheres means increasing it's beauty and rendering it truly unique. Precious handicrafts and jewelry can thus be transformed into something unforgettable.

Our jewelry consists of unique custom crafted pieces, made totally by hand using the ancient techniques of granulation and filigree work. Using these processes developed over two thousand years ago, we create modern jewelry, bracelets, necklaces and rings inspired by the work of ancient Etruscan and Roman goldsmiths, as well as mountings for gems and precious stones, custom made pieces based on your designs etc.

Our catalog contains rings, pendants, necklaces,cufflinks and brochees .



Orafi Ceretti 
Laboratory: Via Barberini, 34 Palestrina 00036 (Roma) Italy
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Palestrina(RM) Via Barberini, 34
Phone + 39 06 9525438 Mobile + 39 335 6237686 
Email: info@oraficeretti.com