l'aziendala tecnicail prodottole immaginii contatti                      
We have been working continuously as goldsmiths since 1950, constantly improving the breadth and the variety of our products. Our ability to create jewelry and handicrafts of precious metals in both ancient and modern styles has always gone hand in hand with the rigorous research and experimentation of the true artisan intent on creating a balance between traditional concepts of beauty and the modern sense of esthetics. We are modern day masters in the ancient goldworking art of granulation.


Orafi Ceretti 
Laboratory: Via Barberini, 34 Palestrina 00036 (Roma) Italy
Show room: 
Palestrina(RM) Via Barberini, 34
Phone + 39 06 9525438 Mobile + 39 335 6237686 
Email: info@oraficeretti.com